These are the people that are working towards growing Boulder Lake ELC into a nationally acclaimed environmental learning center.

Current staff

  • Ryan Hueffmeier (need image) 
    • Ryan is the director of Boulder Lake Environmental Learning Center and a professor at the University of Minnesota Duluth. When Ryan isn’t leading our many programs and activities at the center he enjoys playing hockey and spending time with his family. 
  • Caleb Weiers (need image)
    • Caleb is part of our program staff at Boulder Lake ELC. Caleb also helps run the fishing camp in the summer and maintains our campsites and trails. Caleb enjoys the outdoors outside of work as well, and likes to canoe and hunt. 
  • Raina Costello (need image)
    • Raina is part of our program staff at Boulder Lake ELC. She helps us coordinate events, maintain campsites and trails and creates new programs through her various research projects. Raina is passionate about the outdoors and enjoys hiking and camping in her free time. 
  • Anna Troyna (need image)


  • Mark Whitcomb
  • Noah Torvik